Executive Board

SICOG (Southern Iowa Council of Governments) is a regional association that serves the counties of Adams, Adair, Clarke, Decatur, Madison, Ringgold, Taylor, and Union. Membership is voluntary and currently includes seven counties and 53 municipalities.

As part of the organization, each county has standing positions on SICOG’s Project Board. The standing positions include: one member from the Board of Supervisors (8 total); one member from the largest, second largest, and third largest member cities in each county (24 total); two private sector representatives from each county (16 total); and one member from a educational institution (Graceland University or Southwestern Community College). 

During the project board meetings, the county and city representatives vote to determine who will represent their county on the Executive Board.

In March, at the annual meeting, the Project Board meets to adopt the work program for the upcoming year. At the same time, all of the private sector representatives caucus to select four people to serve on the Executive Board.

The thirteen member (8 public sector county, 4 private sector, and one post secondary) Executive Board governs SICOG throughout the year. The Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month to advise and direct the activities of the organization. Members of the Executive Board also serve on several standing committees. Under the direction of the Executive Board, the organization serves as a forum for the coordination of federal, state, and local governments; private sector planning and development programs; and activities affecting the region.

Current members of the executive board and whom they represent are as follows:

Adair County's Representative
John Twombly
City of Lenox Representing Taylor County 
Karen Zabel, Chairperson
Adams County‘s Representative
Karl McCarty, Vice Chairperson

Private Sector Representatives
Beth Waddle 
Representing Precision Pulley & Idler

Bill Trickey
Representing Clarke County State Bank

Michelle Tullberg 
Representing Michael Foods

Doug Davidson
Representing Orient Express

Post Secondary Education’s Representative
Tom Lesan
Southwestern Community College
Clarke County‘s Representative
Marvin McCann

Decatur County’s Representative
Dan Christensen, Secretary    
Madison County’s Representative
Aaron Price 

Ringgold County’s Representative
Lyle Minnick, Treasurer

Union County’s Representative
Ron Riley