SICOG Partnership Program

The basic philosophy of the Southern Iowa Council of Governments Partnership Program is that all groups making up the community are essential to promoting, advancing, and developing the living conditions of its citizens. One way that this goal is realized in the SICOG region is by cities, counties, financial institutions, utility companies, lawyers, realtors, local development corporations, and others to all work together collectively through each other and the Southern Iowa Council of Governments.

The Partnership Program of the SICOG is a program that combines the resources of various stakeholder groups that have an economic interest in Southern Iowa. Partners invest for a variety of reasons that includes: increasing area growth, economic opportunity, program development, and technical assistance. 

The Partnership Program’s contribution objective is to seek long-term economic and community growth by investing staff resources and time to primarily assist with:

•    Research and Development of New and Innovative Programs
•    Affordable Housing
•    Technical Assistance
•    Job Creation
•    Technology Improvements, and
•    Web Page development and Expansion.

The Board of Directors directs the SICOG and Mr. Timothy Ostroski, Executive Director, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. SICOG identifies and pursues strategies to achieve its objectives and provide professional quality assistance to improve the social economic characteristics in Adair, Adams, Clarke, Decatur, Madison, Ringgold, Taylor, and Union Counties. 

Under normal conditions, the SICOG provides assistance to its members (incorporated cities and counties). In times of unusual or special conditions SICOG may assist non-members (other than cities and counties) for temporary or opportunistic purposes such as housing, industrial development, job creation/retention, commercial development, subdivision development, housing buy-downs/rehabilitation, tax incentives, and legislative liaison.


Potential Partners

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Partnership Investments are contributed by non-members of SICOG to raise capital. Any community business, organization, or individual can become a Partner. Partnership investments may be contributed on five (5) levels, which include: Bronze ($250), Silver ($500), Gold ($1000), Diamond ($1,500) or Platinum ($2,500). 

To see our current partners, please visit the following contribution pages:

Platinum - $2,500

Diamond - $1,500

Gold - $1,000

Silver - $500

Bronze - $250