Community Development

The Southern Iowa Council of Governments (SICOG) is committed to providing superior community development services. Community development can mean many different things, depending on whose perspective you seek. Typically, we look at community development in a physical sense; which includes the construction of recreation areas, purchase of fire equipment, and improvements to the downtown. However, it can and should also incorporate the more subtle aspects of the community, such as the culture, history, and sense of place. It does no good to have quality baseball fields if there is no leadership to implement programs and no sustained interest in developing the community’s youth.

SICOG addresses many community development activities that result in a more sustainable and stable community with an improved quality of life for residents and visitors. A detailed list of services that SICOG offers to its member can be found (member services). 

The development of community plans are an essential building block for community development to occur. Types of plans that SICOG has available to help facilitate include comprehensive plans, hazard mitigation plans, and urban renewal plans. For more detailed information about the types of plans available please click here.