Community Development - Grants

Grants are available for community development projects. Grants can help fund development projects and programs from the planning stage through implementation and operation. Almost any project, program, or initiative can be funded in part by funding from grant sources outside of the city. SICOG has experience with construction, equipment, staffing, planning, and operations grants. SICOG offers free grant writing services to member communities. Visit the Grant Opportunities page for a full listing of grans available. 

The following are Community Development specific grants that are available.

Grant  Funding Uses Eligible Applicants Estimated Deadlines
Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) and River Enhancement CAT (RECAT) Tourism, recreation, and entertainment capital projects Local governments, non-profits Quarterly
Keep Iowa Beautiful Beautification Grant Supports community beautification including public education/awareness, recycling, litter reduction, public nuisance abatement, creation or improvements to green spaces. Any public or nonprofit organization in a community of 5,000 persons or less Spring
Iowa Historic Resources Development Programs Matching funds for documentaries, collections, historic preservation projects, and museums Local governments, tax exempt non-profits, some for profits May
Living Roadways Trust Fund Roadside inventories, gateway and roadside plantings, research, demonstration/education, specific equipment Local governments and some non-profit organizations Summer
FEMA Assistance to Firefighters SAFER firefighter hiring program Funding to hire, rehire, or retain firefighters, with priority of those that have been laid off due to budget cuts Local fire departments Summer
CDBG Water/Sewer Water & Sewer systems Local governments Fall/winter
CDBG Community Facilities Child care centers, certain special housing, sheltered workshops, homeless shelters, etc  Local governments  Fall/winter