Community Development - Planning

Planning is an important tool for the proper physical, social, and economic development of an area. Planning can ensure the proper priorities for projects, investments, and agendas are set. Planning should be both formal and informal when trying to effect community development. Formal planning would include comprehensive smart planning, community development policies such as zoning, strategic planning, and capital improvements planning, among others. For more information, check out the Economic Development section and the Housing section of this site. Informal planning may be through simple charrettes, community visioning sessions, project planning, and organizational development. A community may undertake informal planning by itself or through the utilization of SICOG services as SICOG has a wide range of experiences with community development planning.

Please visit the Planning page for more information about the types of plans available to a community.

Technical assistance is vital to the success of complicated community development activities. Successful community development requires the mobilization of champions as well as elected officials. For example, assistance may be provided with budgeting, project organization, board development, and securing non-profit status of an organization. Projects may require research on policy, environmental reviews, and financial analyses. SICOG provides the necessary technical assistance and refers local officials to other sources of technical assistance as necessary to make a project succeed.