Adair County

Population (2010): 7,682


Land Area: 569 Square Miles 

Homeownership Rate (2012): 77.7%

Median House Hold Income (2012): $47,872 










County History 

Adair County was established in 1851, and named for John Adair, General during the War of 1812 and 6th Governor of Kentucky. Summerset (now Fontanelle) was selected as the county seat in 1855. The first courthouse was built a year later. Native lumber and hardware were hauled by wagon from Keokuk for the building. The building eventually burned down in 1910.

Picture Source: Iowatreasurers.org

During the Civil War, the people were ok with the idea of Fontanelle as the county seat, but at the end of the war it was brought to a vote. Changing the seat was defeated by seven votes. In 1874, more  than 200  men and 75 wagons made the trip to Fontanelle and, against the orders of the sheriff, loaded the records and furniture into their wagons and  returned to Greenfield. It surprised Fontanelle's townspeople so much,  they didn't resist.    

On July 4, 1891, the  cornerstone of the present courthouse was laid. The building was completed in March 1892. It was originally adorned with a large square tower rising 100 feet mob, so he d id nothing. The following day General N.B. Baker arrived from Des Moines and persuad ed  the people to  return the records to Summerset. About one month later, the  "county seat war"  came to an end when the court's final decision moved  the county seat to Greenfield. (Source: Adair County)  (Picture Source: Iowatreasurers.org)

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Adair County

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