Adams County

Population (2010): 4,029

Land Area: 423 Square Miles

Homeownership Rate (2012): 78.1%

Median House Hold Income (2012): $45,099









County History

The first Adams County seat was established on January 12, 1853, at Qunicy (now nonexistent) Iowa. The courthouse was a frame building but official court records in private dwellings. The building was later used as a schoolhouse and in 1932 was torn down. In November 1872, the people voted to remove the courthouse from Quincy and name Corning the county seat.


There is some mystery as to whether the county is named after John Adams or this son, John Quincy Adams. The first courthouse in Corning was built in 1872 at the present site of the Adams County courthouse. The county jail was built in 1877 and used 1955. The courthouse was destroyed by a fire on February 1, 1888. The new courthouse was dedicated on June 20, 1890, but was eventually razed in 1955. In October 1955, the new Adams County Courthouse opened. The fourth incarnation of the Adams County Courthouse was described by the Des Moines Register’s Picture Magazine in 1955 as the most exciting thing to happen in public building in Iowa in about 40 years.  (Source: Adams County(Picture Source: Iowabackroads.com)


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