Population (2010): 9,286

Land Area: 431 Square Miles

Homeownership Rate (2012): 73.3%

Median House Hold Income (2012): $44,211








County History

The first settlers of Clarke County were Mormons, who were on their way to Salt Lake City, Utah. None stayed for very long, as this area was seen as just a stopover for them on the Mormon Trail.

Clarke County is named after James Clarke, a territorial governor of Iowa. On August 8, 1851 three commissioners chose the site of the Clarke County seat, which became the city of Osceola. In 1854, a two-story structure was built to serve as the courthouse. The $1,600 building had to be abandoned in 1883 because of wind and weather damage.

The next courthouse was erected in the public square in 1892. Fifty years later the county outgrew the building and a $275,000 bond was issued for construction. The cornerstone of the new courthouse was laid in 1956. In just three months, the ā€œLā€ shaped building was completed and it presently sits at the center of the business district in Osceola. (Source: Clarke County, e-referencedesk.com) (Picture Source: Wikipedia.org)