Ringgold County

Population (2010): 5,119

Land Area: 535 Square Miles

Homeownership Rate (2012): 77.5%

Median House Hold Income (2012): $43,655


County History

The teritory in Ringgold County was technically a part of Des Moines County from 1834 to 1836 under the territorial Governor of Wisconsin. In 1847 the boundaries of the county were established and the name of Ringgold given in honor of Major Samuel Ringgold, who was mortally wounded at the battle of Palo Alto in the Mexican War. Then it was attached to the newly organized county of Decatur. On April 18, 1855 the town of Mount Ayr was awarded the county seat. 

The southern part of Ringgold County was involved in the famous dispute between Iowa and Missouri, which began in the autumn of 1839 and was not settled until 1850. The issue arose when two surveys had the state border settled about 9 miles apart. This issue was eventually sent to the United States Supreme Court in 1850 and was settled in Iowa’s favor. Posts were erected one mile apart, the entire distance between the two states. Every tenth post was to be an iron post 8 feet long, 4 inches square at one end, and 8 inches square at the other, to be set in the ground 3 ½ feet. At the top end of the post, on one side is the word “Iowa” and on the opposite side, the word “Missouri” and on the other two sides, the word “boundary” cast on the post. The wooden posts between these iron posts have long since rotted out, but iron posts can be found in Riley and Clinton townships.

The first courthouse in Ringgold County was a 14-foot square log building built in 1856.

In 1844 a large brick courthouse building was completed. This new courthouse lasted about forty years, and was eventually condemned as unsafe in 1921. (Source: Ringgold County) (Picture Source: flickr.com)

Helpful Links

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Public Libraries

Mount Ayr Public Library


School Districts

Lamoni Community Schools

Mount Ayr Community Schools

Diagonal Community School

Lenox School District

Bedford Community School District


Cities of Ringgold County

Ringgold County

City of Beaconsfield

City of Benton

City of Delphos

City of Diagonal

City of Ellston

City of Kellerton

City of Maloy

City of Mount Ayr

City of Redding

City of Tingley